High-Paying Part-Time Jobs

To many a part-time job may not sound as promising and stable.  But the jobs we’ve listed below can earn you as much as some permanent jobs and give you time to pursue other things like studies, another part-time job, a small home business or spend more time with your children.  

Remember, part-time jobs are a gateway to a more permanent position.  If you perform well then your employer might see the value of changing your contract status from part-time to regular.  Jobs like these also help build up your experience, skill-level and resume, and employers can also be character references for your next job. 

The part-time jobs listed here range from requiring Training Certificates to Diploma Courses to Associates Degree.  But these are just a few samples of the many and varied part-time jobs out there.  With your Filipino diligence and hard work, you’re sure to find one whatever your talents and educational background.

Massage Therapist
A licensed massage therapist can get an average hourly rate of $19 and reach $40 dollars or more.  This might seem puny compared to other health care professionals’ rates but being able to have more time for family and other pursuits more than makes up for it. 

Fitness Instructor 
A fitness instructor earns a little bit more than a massage therapist at $19.51 average hourly wage, and has the added benefit of keeping fit while working.  

School Bus Driver 
The average hourly wage of a school bus driver is $15.  Not bad considering outside of school field trips, a driver might only make two drives a day – bringing kids to school and bringing them back home. 

Dental Hygienist 
You will need an Associate’s Degree for this, but it will pay off eventually.  At $32-$33 average hourly rate, this high-paying, low-stress, part-time job will be worth it. 

Make-up Artist 
While relatively lower in average rate at $17, this part-time job has more flexibility than most. You can choose the hours you work and be as picky as you want with your clientele. You can do events or work at a make-up counter for something more regular. 

Without tips, a bartender’s average hourly wage ranges from $7 to $10, depending on one’s location.  With tips, that average can reach almost $17 dollars.  While working nights might take some time getting used to, if you’re able to manage your time wisely, this job can allow you to pursue other things during the day. 

Freelance Writer
Depending on your portfolio and years of experience, you can charge as much as $100 dollars an hour for a freelance writing gig.  If you’re just starting out, you will have to work for so much less, build your clientele and contacts and get enough work done to beef up your body of work. 

Being a secretary is so much flexible these days. You have an option to work virtually, from home or anywhere really. What’s also optional is the job title.  You can work the same job for a different title – as an Executive Assistant.  Wage can vary from $10 to $20. 

Now, where to find these jobs.  Online, it’s best to start searching in part-time job sites to save you time wading through permanent positions.   You can also narrow down search to your location.  Keep an eye open in your community, too. You’ll find old-school job postings (as in bulletin board) in your church and other local centers. Ask friends and neighbors.  Chat up your favorite barista in your regular coffee shop. Consider every moment and opportunity for job searching and making contacts. Impress everyone with your Filipino spirit.