And just like that, folks, it's 2017!  

A brand new year, a whole new you. But evolving has never been simply about letting go of the past and forgetting the you that was. It's having the previous you come together with the present you and the you that is yet to come. Think of it as a spiral progression than a dreary linear. 

Maybe you can take inspiration from Janus himself, the god of beginnings and transitions, doorways, endings and time, to whom the first month of the year takes its name. Just like him, a two-faced deity, look both into the past and into the future. Learn from the wisdom of the old and embrace the vibrance of the new. That way, hopefully, you will constantly evolve and explore new heights but still keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. 
Here's to 2017 with the same-same, constant yet different and ever changing you! (Ang complex?!? Exactly, just like you!)

1. Brush up on the classics.  Get hold of new titles.

You're turning 30 but never saw the Godfather series. Or you were required to read Wuthering Heights back in high school but only got as far as Cliff Notes. Maybe it's time to remedy the oversight this year.  Soon you'll finally find yourself using expressions like, "Capiche?" and "omerta" much confidently in everyday convos.  

And while you're devouring these masterpieces, keep your radar on new titles, upcoming authors, series and genres.  Never got into graphic novels? Maybe it's time to! Heard that Murakami's slaying another sci-fi x ? Watch out for it! Keep your subscription to Netflix so you're abreast with the freshest series.  Every day, we learn more and more ways to tell a story.  Every day, we learn more and more on how to look at things in a fresh new light. 

2. Sharpen old skills.  Master a new skill or two.

Sure, you may have tried photography or guitar at one point in your growing up years but life happened, work happened, your bae happened and you never really got to master any of these skills. But despair not.  It's never too late to unearth your Nikon DSLR or your Lamanog guitar from the baul -- have it shipped to you if you left them in Pinas. Or get yourself one from there -- a trusty, secondhand cam/guitar will do. 
Enroll yourself in a class. Or you can simply relearn by watching a lot of YouTube videos. Take down notes. Practice, practice, practice. Allot a good 20-30 minutes every day. Dedicate and be deliberate in mastering skills whatever these may be. 

And who's stopping your from mastering skills you've never even tried doing before. Pole dancing? Scuba diving? Juggling? Perfume making? You can't teach old dogs new tricks, they say. But who's old anyway? So go ahead and slay skills -- old or new.  By the end of the year, you've upped, widened your set like you've never imagined! 

3. Hold on to skincare and haircare basics. But at the same time, dare to experiment.

You know the routine. Sunscreen. Moisturize. Hydrate with lots of fluids.  At least an 8-hour beauty sleep.  This lis alone may not be an easy feat. It's tedious and you don't have time most of the time.  

But this year, try out a new, unexpected lippy shade for yourself, dye your hair , or why not, a tat 

4. Relish traditional homecooked goodness. Brave new dishes and cuisines.

5. Streamline your wardrobe. Don't hesitate to unique ones. 

Keep your favorite pieces. Keep pieces that are easy to mix and match.  Uncomplicate your mornings by wardrobe 

6. Keep good old-fashioned, time-tested practices. Discover new apps.

Before sophisticated smartphones had started ruling our lives, our lolos and dads had to rely on "palabra de honor". Be on time.  Wait, erase that. Be 5 to 10 minutes before any meeting or appointment.  Reply to text messages, emails. Do not delay. Try your best not to procrastinate. Plan ahead.

You need not be a tech-savvy. Make apps work for you. 

7. Heed the lessons of history.  Trailblaze a different tomorrow.    

Keep a journal. Write your adventures as a Filipino looking for your place in this world. Let your voice be heard. Because it reverberates not just your life but other Filipinos as well.  You're part of the history that is happening right at this moment, and the history that is still about to happen. Make your story count!