No-Fail Graduation Gifts For All Ages

Graduating from high school, college, grad school, or even middle school and pre-school is a major life event.   These grads are not just moving on to the next level, they are moving on to the next chapter of their life.  Graduating means they’ve done a good job and are ready for what’s next. There’s a big sense of accomplishment and anticipation.

In the Philippines, graduating is one of life’s most momentous occasions.   The joy and triumph is shared by the whole family, because more often than not, the burden of school fees is shared, too.  That’s why it’s an even bigger cause for celebration and recognition.  So if you’re on a hunt for a gift that says, I’ve thought really hard about this and I know just how important this occasion is to you and everyone else who love you, read on!

Gift the Gift of Experience
Kids today find more value in experiences than in material things.  The gift of travel, a special dining experience, a relaxing spa get-away  ? these things will carry the day. 

Practical Indulgence
Pricey but more often than not necessary. Gadgets like a laptop or a tablet can cross both lines and that’s why they would make the best graduation gifts.   These are hardworking gifts that can be used for studies, work, or even setting up one’s own business.  

Give the Gift of Play 
Graduation on a day-to-day level means school is done, it’s time to have some fun.  So a gaming console, a Netflix subscription, something for the outdoors, like a skateboard or a drone will definitely be well received.

Give the Gift Everybody Wants: Money
It is what it is.  One of the most popular graduation gifts is simply cash. It doesn’t have to come in cold hard cash. It could be a starter college fund deposited in a savings account.  A pre-loaded Starbucks card. A gift card for the grad’s favorite shop. 

Give the Gift They Want 
Graduation gifts don’t have to be a big surprise. If money is not a gift option and you’re at a loss as to what else to give, just ask the soon-to-be-grad what he or she wants and spare yourself the dilemma.  

If it’s a gift for a graduating loved one back home in the Philippines, check out, a fast, convenient way for you to send eGifts to your loved ones.  No shipping needed! Your gift arrives as a voucher via email or SMS that they can immediately use. 

Whatever you decide on giving, it might be cliché but only because it’s true, it’s always about the thought.  That no matter how far away you are, they are always in your mind and heart.