So Near Yet So Far: Love Month Tips for the Long-Distance Lovers

The thing with Valentine’s Day is that it’s suddenly here and it’s suddenly gone when you know for sure it was just the New Year the other day.  It’s as if the cupids all of a sudden decided to arrive and leave at a heartbeat.  Don’t worry, V-Day doesn’t have to be just one day. More and more people are recognizing February as the love month, extending the celebration of love from just a day to almost 30 days! So now, you have more time to give special attention to the people who matter most. 

To help you celebrate this month-long love fest, here are a couple of ideas for couples who may be continents away, but whose mind and heart remain with each other’s. Do one, do all – up to you really.  And just like with any ideas, feel free to modify, tweak and add along the way. Go, have fun and yes, stay in love for many years!

Go for a sweet daily online video calls.

On this month of hearts, make an effort to hurry home and get cozy in each other’s company. And to make it a little bit different, a little bit special, perform something for him/her. Surprise her or him with a song. Or a guitar solo. Play your theme song. Do a spoken word. Express how much you care for him/her. Or if you wish, channel your inner Backstreet Boy or Spice Girl. Scared you might make a fool out of yourself? You won’t. With practice and a little bit help from Youtube, don’t worry, it will turn out great, we promise.

Go matchy-matchy!

You may be far apart but show how you are one at heart. Wear a couple shirt or simply agree to both wear the same color or design. White, Hawaiian, chambray, glam – the options are infinite. And the matchy theme could not stop there. You can both agree to change to the same sheets. And why not your table set-up and dinnerware, as you move on to number three.

Homemade Candlelit Dinner on Digital 

Create a menu of both your favorite comfort food. Before hand, consider if you are taking out or cooking in. Agree on your appetizers, main entrée, and dessert. Will you be having white or red wine?  Then on the special night, get on video call as you set up your table. Don’t forget to play your favorite love songs in the background, too. And take a snap with you both making a toast.  Edit them together and share on social media with an inspiring post about making it work long distance. 

Say it with a spa massage.

Flowers are cliché. You know what would make your sweetheart feel like a Queen or King? All-out spa pampering.  Get on for a fast and easy way to get your loved one a treatment coupon to a spa near them. 

Make it a game night.

Download the same mobile game and play against each other! Nothing like a little competition to keep that spark alive.  A multiplayer game can even involve kids or other people you miss spending time with.   With a mobile game, Game Night can be anytime, anywhere!

Have a romantic movie marathon.

Who says you can’t go on a movie date on this special month?  You can, for reels. Tee-hee. If you’re still not on Netflix, get a subscription.  That’s also a sweet V-Month gift, by the way, in case your loved one still doesn’t have an account, too.  Go have a line-up of films you both love or take turns choosing what film to watch. 

Being apart is challenging, yes.  But if you can channel that energy into finding and executing creative ways you two can be together despite the distance, you’ll find that love can travel over seas, through mountains and lands.  Love can feel just as present and just as real if you both try.