What Do Filipinos Do in the US?

As of the latest census, Filipinos are the second largest Asian group of immigrants in the USA.   The first being the Chinese, whose population of 1.38 billion is more than 10 times our own total population.  That’s saying a lot, or rather, that’s saying there’s a lot of us in the US. And if you’re new to the country, you might be wondering what type of Filipinos you’ll be encountering.   With the wide range of jobs they occupy, it’s safe to say, you’ll be encountering all kinds of Pinoys.

And if you, or someone you know, are eyeing to migrate here, this list might help you see a clearer picture of life here by offering you information on which industries most Filipinos are in. 


A huge chunk of Filipinos in the US hold college degrees and therefore hold professional jobs.  We are a respectable, highly qualified  and hardworking population, noted for our contributions in health care and education.  So tip your hat to the Filipinos you see and walk a little taller today with yet another reason to be proud to be Pinoy. 

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